Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hot Pepper Blacan Chicken

Here's my first entry of the recipe! 

I was literally starving last Monday. Earlier, I had to work extra hours since my colleague was sick, which is why I missed lunch. I knew I could literally inhale a horse that very moment. 

When I finally got home I went straight to the kitchen. Rummaging the fridge, I found a 1 1/2 piece of chicken breast. The half that was gone I had used to cook fried rice :). And I remembered there was some leftover breading seasoning that Pe Bo used few days earlier. 

Warning: Spicy


1           Shallots
4           Garlic
1/4       Onions
1           Jalapeno
3 tbs    Cooking Oil
1 ts       Corn Starch

Fried Diced Chicken
1 1/2    Chicken Breast
1           Egg
a/N      Andy's Hot n' Spicy Breading (Substitutable with All Purpose Flour)
a/N      Corn Starch
a/N      Dried Basil

3 tbs     Hoisin Sauce
a/N       Rice Vinegar
2 tbs     Sesame Oil
1 tbs     Sambal Trasi Mother Brand (Blacan or Shrimp Paste)
1 tbs     Sugar
a/N      Pepper

*a/N = as needed


Fried Diced Chicken
1. Dice Chicken Breast appx 1 inch sq
2. Batter the egg to mix the yolk and the white part
3. Dip the diced chicken into the battered egg
4. Mix the Andy's breading, corn starch, and basil together
5. Coat the dipped chicken with the mixed breadings. 

1. Mix everything together. lol. as simple as that.

1. Chop the garlic, onion, shallots, and jalapeno according to preference
2. Heat cooking oil in frying pan (medium heat)
3. After heated, throw in the garlic, onion, shallots and jalapeno until the aroma comes up
4. Add the mixed sauce first along with the corn starch, this is so the sauce will thicken and also blend in with the garlic, onion, etc
5. After sauce thickens, increase the heat, and add the fried diced chicken and stir until it thoroughly mix with the sauce. (don't stir it too long though appx 2 mins.)

Eat with rice. Servings for 2-3 people.

It tasted pretty good. I was being adventurous with the addition of Blacan, but it worked succesfully to my surprise. :) I still have cravings for it until now.


  1. Good job, you better cook for me. It's Jason BTW

  2. BTW is the chicken supposed to be deep fried before it's stir-fried with the sauce?

  3. iya iya, gambar nya mau gw edit dulu biar keren.. huahahaha